The Light Workers

When I saw an article that raised concerns over the future of Dunbar’s Christmas lights in the Daily Record (and while writing this found it again in The Scotsman) I knew that I had to do something to help. 

I was glad when the opportunity came up to document the workings of the committee and help my community in the only way I knew how.   

Some people came to join in and be part of the group, some people came to simply work on the lights.  Whatever the reasons, people came and went to help while I continued to photograph them and their workings.  They all worked as part of a team and made me feel part of the team too.

I was able to watch and document the integration between old and new with the knowledge and skills being passed on from generation to generation.

When I read from an account from a child ‘When I see the Christmas lights I feel magically surrounded by fairies’ it touched my heart.  But it made me wonder, imagine a world without the Lights? No, I really wouldn’t want to.

A new Exhibtition The  Light  Workers is currently touring Scotland.  Its last showing  is now on at the City Arts Centre, Market Street, Edinburgh.  from 25th February - 5th March 2016.   

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