These are some of my completed and work in progress projects.  These vary from landscape to various environmental portraits and short films.

Some of these still remain to be some of my favourite content as they represent areas that I have wanted to explore, which were mainly volunteerism and community values.  The production of this particular project with East Coast FM, I'm glad to say has also helped the cause or charity involved.  As a result, this type of collaboration has helped each of us by raising issues and profiles as well as exploring, practising and expanding my skillset.   

The most recent collaboration was with East Coast FM, who are a local community radio station.  I produced, and filmed a documentary/PR video for them to use for their bid for the Princess Royal Training Awards 2018. 

I am extremely delighted to announce that they were successful and that my video contributed to their winning bid.  This is something that I want to continue with in order to help others, helping others in their community.   

Here it is to view on youtube :D Enjoy!

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